Film Review #2 Skate Kitchen

Film Review by Nayoung Jin Date: Oct 7, 2019

Skate Kitchen  (2018 ‧ Drama ‧ 1h 47m)

A nice little drama that feels so real and raw! And so true to life.  Lots of visuals too.  The essence, attitude, and lives of people around that age are really well and honestly portrayed.  Emotionally honest as well. 

Reading intention and getting the personalities through visuals given (and choices each makes) were fun, and getting to understand better/deeper each of main characters (layer by layer) was an engaging experience. 

In terms of storytelling, I am learning a lot about causality (In this film, action and consequence is super clear and feels almost like what you did is irrecoverable, you can’t go back, and life goes on) and making choices (sometimes right ones and sometimes clearly wrong ones. . .we are always making choices. . .) and not making one(avoiding).  It’s an excellent film to study them, as such things are super clear here. 

While this film has a lot of light (and sometimes funny) moments, at the same time, teenagers’ anxiety, uncertainty, and family issue are also well-captured.  The moment when Camille’s complicated family issue was told was emotionally resonant and felt honest.  I could just feel/imagine, too, how lonely a person can get with such thing.

Moreover, the use of setting/surroundings/the landscapes was really good (It’s inspiring and even made me want to go to a big city I know and make a movie using the outdoor places and streets there, I mean with the environments they already have).

Also good were the subtext and subtlety in the dialogues. It made me think about how much we are aware/not aware of the mistakes we are making and just go on with them, and that film is a good medium to  show this – making the audience get that in a subtle way, until the point of consequence/confrontation.

I realize a film is also a cool medium to show what someone near you is going through in parallel, while you are doing A (whatever it is that you do) and enjoying  your life/moments, just as I see it in this film between Camille’s life and her friend Janay’s life in the same summer. The contrast visually shown was dramatic and moving. 

This film made me think more carefully about what the options in life are for a protagonist. Options this person has/have in each period of life (and perhaps the cause that might make this person think about the options).  That would perhaps help me when I work on turning points in my film. 

It also made me think about misleading visual hints and how other character would read/interpret them. That would be fun to play with in my own film. 

Although this film’s main language is English, the protagonist speaks Spanish sometimes when she talk with her mom, and we audience get English subtitle for that.  I would like to try that some time, in a film of my own, with English as a main language and a little bit of Korean spoken at times.  It would be fun to try that.