On starving birds

Biodiversity: what happened next?

Mass die-off of birds in south-western US ’caused by starvation’


After reading this guardian article, I feel so sorry to hear about birds starving.

My maternal grandpa said (when he was alive), we have to leave fruits for the birds. We were in his tangerine farm (he had other kinds of fruits there, too), helping to pick fruits on that day. So, we left some.

Now I don’t go to that farm any more. But a lot of birds visited our garden this year to feed on our figs (from fig tree) and drink water and take a bath. We had lots and lots of figs this year. Figs were up there for two seasons almost (summer and fall). Most of them were eaten by visiting birds, and we only picked two or three figs for the taste. My mom was very happy by the visit of all these birds (and some cats).

Only take what you need and leave the rest for others — could it be a way?

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