There’s Always

There’s Always

by Nayoung Jin

Sitting in the grass
on a rainy day
this little wild bird
wet, hungry, trembling
lets a girl scoop her up gently
and take her toward the warmth
and maybe more. . . .

On the fourth floor,
this young man sits in pain and despair,
but while his fingers dance on the keys of the piano
fast and effortless,
the world sort of makes sense.
And so he pours his heart out, even giving away his fragility. . . .

And somewhere in the sea
a 6-year-old child orca
swiftly crosses the water
with his mom.
They’re among the few killer whale families who survived.
Ships nearby make way for the two.

I play, I hide.
Mom you come seek.

I play, I hide.
Mom you come seek.

I play, I hide—
Aw, Mom!

Then together they breathe out fountains of water
the white blossoms. . . .

There’s always a hand to touch you.
And there’s always a game for us to play.
Or there’s always something to light you up
like the sun that starts spring just around the corner.

. . . So just keep going and don’t turn back.

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