[comic] Carrot Trouble by Nayoung Jin

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Note for readers

Carrot Trouble By Nayoung Jin

Where the story comes from:

Why carrot picking? I’m from Jeju island, South Korea. In my hometown, just after the carrot harvest is over, there will be some carrots lying in the fields, which are free, and so a few people—some local women, travellers, or sometimes nuns—come and pick them up from the ground. Watching this is my favorite memory.

Why carrots/carrot farmer? I spent one summer taking care of carrots at UBC Geogarden, looking at them almost every day. And when I harvested the carrots I grew, I felt great joy and felt truly rich.

Why rabbit god? You might remember “bird god” comic I created this term and me explaining how it came to be. This time it’s rabbit god, which is as fun to have. For a long time in my childhood, I believed that special rabbits lived in the Moon. So, it felt natural to create rabbit god who watches over dear rabbits living on Earth.

I also thought a lot about the two: 1) wild rabbits I saw and loved while taking a walk on the Kitsilano beach. 2) my baby cousin who eagerly climbed onto the dinning table and ate everything he saw, using his mouth. So, of course, our lunch was postponed.


What is it about: Mama rabbit and a witch fight over a carrot.

Target audience: Kids

What it explores: the concept of motherly love and need. The mama rabbit embodies that. This comic is a tribute to all the loving, caring mothers who have kids to feed and have to be brave, every day, for their kids.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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