A Streetlamp in Vancouver

It was 2012. I was taking a walk, when I noticed a seagull sitting on a streetlamp. She(I think it’s she) stayed there for a long time.  She was there when I left.

Later in the evening, as I passed by the same spot, I saw her still sitting on that streetlamp.  This made me laugh. I don’t know why, but that imagery stuck with me over the years. Following comic is what I imagine could have happened between the two:

New Doc 2019-04-25 20.06.57_6New Doc 2019-04-25 20.06.57_5New Doc 2019-04-25 20.06.57_4New Doc 2019-04-25 20.06.57_3

New Doc 2019-04-26 01.24.32_1New Doc 2019-04-25 20.06.57_2