Miss Doris, a song

Miss Doris

a song by Nayoung Jin,
dedicated to Doris Diether

At the Washington Square Park,
88-years-old, Miss Doris,
wearing a floral dress
and pink round earrings
greets everyone
with her bright wrinkled smile….
And her smile melts the snow
and blows away colds in many hearts at the park.
And like magic
A stranger
Turns into a friend
In a breeze….

Miss Doris oh she must be the Disney princess
(Snow white?)
She said
One day at the park a bird decided to be her bird
And sat on her walker.
…It was a pigeon by the way.
She fed it some peanuts.
And even when other birds came
to push it away,
The bird stayed.
It stayed all right….

Old lady this Miss Doris, already 88,
But still comes to the park every day.
She says she is gonna go crazy
If she stays home all day by herself.
Now, she’s got a bird in here
To protect
And to keep her company.
A pigeon who decided to be her bird:
One eye bright shiny, the other dull.
When other birds try to bother this bird,
Miss Doris is here to the rescue!
And whenever she’s around,
Visitors of the park are sure to be welcomed.
See her go and say hello
Or walk together chatting away….

Brings a smile every morning
brings a smile to the Washington Square Park….

Wherever she goes
It’s like
A magic sparkle follows her
she is sunshine
that melts the snow
and blows away colds in many hearts.


Creative Commons License
Miss Doris by Nayoung Jin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Inspired by the interview at https://www.facebook.com/humansofnewyork/videos/2043158662424890/.

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